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Bio-Magnetic Re-Balancing

Bio-Magnetic Re-Balancing offers leading edge technology designed to both energize and maximize cellular function in the human body.

magnetic resonance therapy mat and equipmentHumans are exposed daily to various forms of energy; be it light, sound etc. Each form of energy has it’s own unique influence on how one lives and feels. Similar to how a bright sunny day (light energy) can elevate one’s spirits emotionally or quiet solemn music (sound energy) can invoke feelings of sadness, humans too can be influenced positively by specific magnetic fields.

The Ill-effects Of Zero Gravity...

The Space Programs of the 1960's provide interesting validation to the “ human” benefits of daily “exposure” to the earth’s magnetic field. A Russian astronaut (Yuri A. Gagarin - 1961) after circling the earth in zero gravity was left critically ill, to the extent that he literally had to be carried out of his space capsule on a stretcher! Following extensive testing as to the cause of his apparent state unwellness, it was concluded that he was suffering from prolonged absence from the earth’s magnetic field!

Further Research Into The Benefits Of Magnetic Fields...

Japanese researcher K. Nakagawa (1976) discovered that individuals, deficient in their “optimal” daily exposure to the earth’s magnetic field, can often display the following symptoms:

  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • lethargy
  • sadness
  • achiness and soreness of muscle and joints
  • back pain
  • decreased metabolism
  • diminished bone density
  • headaches

Schumann Frequencies ...

What this all speaks to is the defined human benefit of being influenced daily to the earth’s magnetic field in sufficient amounts. Humans exist in an electrically charged atmosphere called the Ionosphere. The Ionosphere contains charges particles (called ions) that are continually charged by a multitude of lightening strikes that occur around the world on a daily basis. This charging of the atmosphere creates a specific narrow band of naturally occurring low frequency electromagnetic emissions called Schumann Frequencies (as discovered by Dr. Winfried Schumann - Physicist in 1956). Schumann believed that this band of magnetic frequencies offered unique healing properties.

Further Study Revealed....

At a cellular level, human cells resonate either in healthy vibrational states or they exist in varying forms of disharmonious (diseased) states of oscillation. For example, cells in “pain” (the result of trauma) will resonate in a disharmonious or less than ideal manner. These same cells, if exposed to Schumann frequencies, will once again vibrate in healthier modes. Both Red Blood cells and Macrophages vibrate more optimally and act more functionally (as seen under a microscope) after exposure to Schumann frequencies.

Optimal Cellular Function...

Schumann Frequencies are thought to resonate with the human body so as to re-establish and maintain harmonious activity at a cellular level, resulting in positive physiological responses. Re-establishing healthy cellular activity is directly related to the stimulatory effect Schumann Frequencies seem to impart at a cellular level on what are called “Sodium Potassium Pumps” in the cell membranes of every cell in the human body.

Sodium Potassium Pumps - The Key To Optimal Cellular Activity...

Individual cells in the body function ideally when properly energized. More specifically, Sodium-Potassium Pumps enhance both cellular function and as well retard the aging of all cells. Sodium-Potassium pumps accomplish this by both assisting in cellular growth and repair (in terms of the proper absorption of nutrients, vitamins and oxygen) and in cellular elimination (in terms of the  removal of waste and carbon dioxide). Sodium-potassium pumps also help maintain the function of specific surface membrane receptors located on the outer wall of all cells. These receptors are involved in the interplay of hormones and their regulatory effect on cellular and inter-cellular function and communication. In essence, strong Sodium-potassium pumps help create a healthy environment through which all living cells can thrive. Enhanced functional activity of these Sodium-Potassium pumps has been clinically linked to exposure to this specific range of natural electromagnetic fields ... more specifically Schumann’s Frequencies!

Enhanced Cellular Function...

The entire metabolism of each cell is thus enhanced. This in turn results in:

  • increased blood flow throughout the body
  • enhanced oxygen delivery
  • a strengthened immune system
  • increased nutrients, vitamins and minerals absorption
  • enhanced respiration
  • increased bone density
  • better system detoxification (liver, kidneys, lungs and spleen)
  • enhanced cellular response to hormonal stimuli and favoured inter-cellular interfacing

In general... optimized cellular function, stabilized biological activity and enhanced overall cellular vitality.

In Our Modern Era...

Humans are exposed daily to the earth’s magnetic field. From a perspective of maximizing cellular function and activity, it’s really a question as to the amount of exposure human’s enjoy on a daily basis. In comparison to humans and their day-to-day activities 100 years ago, mankind today walks far less and when humans do walk, they rarely walk barefoot. Humans also walk on rubber soled shoes, ride in cars, live and or work in buildings far removed from this natural form of healing energy. The net result is less overall exposure to the earth’s magnetic field.


Another factor that compounds this issue and further separates mankind from experiencing the healing influences of these magnetic frequencies relates to the fact that humans are negatively exposed (on a daily basis) to high frequency magnetic frequency emissions. High voltage transmission towers, cell phones, microwaves, televisions, alarm clocks, computers etc. (commonly referred to as Electro-Smog) all effectively block any positive influence low frequency magnetic frequencies might impart. 

The Negative Net Result...

In consequence, the sodium-potassium pumps of our cell membranes that functionally drive ideal  cellular activity lack the daily stimulation they need to ensure peak performance. Normal healthy function at the cellular level is therefore compromised, eventually leading to ill-health, accelerated aging and disease.

Bio-Magnetic Re-Balancing -  Ensuring Ideal Function...

Bio-Magnetic Re-Balancing provides exposure to the whole spectrum of low frequency magnetic frequencies. Similar to mechanical resonance (as seen in the rocking of someone on a swing), Bio-Magnetic Re-Balancing offers a tool to ensure ideal cellular resonance and thereby ensure optimal activity.

Other Benefits Of  Bio-Magnetic Re-Balancing ...

In addition to stimulating cellular function, Bio-Magnetic Re-Balancing also provides the benefits of both North and South Pole Polarities as well as Light and Sound Therapy.

The North And South Pole Influence...

Bio-Magnetic Re-Balancing alternates polarity every two minutes, to ensure the benefits of what each pole on it’s own can provide.

North Pole Polarity:

  • helps minimizes both pain and swelling in the body
  • reduces acidity in the body
  • promotes a deeper sleep
  • calms agitated states of mind

South Pole Polarity:

  • enhances one’s metabolism
  • improves circulation
  • assists healing and regeneration of tissue   

Light And Sound Therapy...

Bio-Magnetic Re-Balancing employs both Light and Sound therapy to both compliment and further the therapeutic effect.

Light Therapy:

Bio-Magnetic Re-Balancing offers 4 specific therapeutic light frequencies, as follows:

Alpha Waves...
to promote relaxation, a positive mood and a feeling of “body and spirit” integration
Beta Waves... 
to enhance brain activity, concentration and critical thinking   
Delta Waves....
to provide a deeper restorative rest and strengthen one’s immunity
Theta Waves...
to stir up imagination, improve learning, recollection and intuition

Bio-Magnetic Re-Balancing introduces these specific light frequencies to the visual spectrum through the use of specifically designed goggles.

Sound Therapy:

In conjunction with visual spectrum stimulation, Bio-Magnetic Re-Balancing provides auditory stimulation through the introduction of specific pulsating tones, produced in sync with the visual spectrum that enhances the overall therapeutic effect.

This unique form of both light and sound therapy can address many concerns including:

  • anxiety and uneasiness
  • depression
  • inattentiveness, poor concentration and/or focus, faltering intuition, imagination and recollection
  • weakened immunity

No Side Effects... A Perfect Compliment To Other Therapies

Bio-Magnetic Re-Balancing has no known side-effects and because it enhances human function at a cellular level, it's an ideal compliment to various healing therapies!

It’s really a perfect compliment, enhancing maximal benefit!


Balancing Mind, Body & Soul

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