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Body Charging
Body Charging promotes improved well ness both by providing the detoxifying effects of Lymphatic Drainage coupled wither with a complete skeletal re-alignment... paired with exposure to healing magnetic field therapies of both Rife and Schumann . Together, it effectively increases one’s health, one’s vitality and one’s physical performance all through tranquil body movements similar to that of a swimming fish!

Body Detox Massage
A targeted therapeutic massage directed at clearing excess fats, fluids and toxins from the body through specific points of accumulation within the body. Patients will enjoy enhanced vitality and focus, improved bodily functioning, clearer skin, weight loss and more... often within 12 hours!

Cold Laser Pain Therapy
Cold Laser Pain Therapy offers a combination of deep laser penetration into damaged tissue (to reduce inflammation and swelling), followed then by varying micro-current electrical stimulation (designed to re-build damaged cellular tissue). Cold Laser Pain Therapy facilitates quick pain relief and healing at a cellular level by treating pain at its source!

Cold Laser Skin Therapy
This therapy provides rejuvenation to the skin both through cold laser and micro-current stimulation. The cold laser component supplies non-thermal photon energy designed to penetrate the skin to the subcutaneous layer, where it stimulates both cellular repair and regeneration. What you'll see... is younger, healthier looking skin!

Emotional Centering Therapy
Using the best indicated stimulus (through consultation), energized through exposure to the healing effects of both the Schumann and Rife through Bio-Magnetic Re-Balancing, many emotional charges (ex. anxiety / depression etc.)and their related physical correlates can be quickly brought into balance.

Energy Re-Balancing
Hand crafted energy work realized into a healing modality... to help balance the individual, reduce their stress and anxiety and promote relaxation, either from a transfer of energy from the practiitioner’s hands OR through use of the practititoner’s hands in the client’s energy field... that in the end brings the individual’s energy field into balance and harmony.

Hair Loss Replacement Therapy
Using both Cold Laser and Ultrasound technology to rapidly and effectively increase nutrients (through enhanced blood flow) to the hair bulbs, hair roots and hair follicles of the effected hair loss area(s) AND through exposing these areas to a Electro-Magnetic Pulse Therapy (designed to stimulate functional normalcy in hair activity and function) ... One will experience rapid, full hair development and complete hair restoration within 3-4 months!

Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification
Ionic Foot Baths draw cellular level toxins and heavy metals from the colon, kidneys, liver, lympathic and skin. Through a process called electolysis and faciliated by both osmosis and diffusion, toxins are released through the pores of one's feet!

Joint Massage
This type of massage focuses on the clearing and releasing of inflammation and tension in and around all of your skeletal system, using both general massage and Therapeutic Touch techniques. Areas of focus (in sequential order with the massage) are Spine/Neck and shoulders / Base of skull / Lower back and hips / Knees / Ankles and Feet / Elbows / Hands / Head and Face.

Stop-Smoking Program
This program first addresses any mental and/or emotional triggers, as well as nutritional issues, that can contribute to one's need to smoke. The second step is a systemic cleanse of the body followed then by the introduction of a natural supplement (Stop Smoking Formulation) that both curbs the craving to smoke and, at the same time, makes smoking itself unpleasant physically. The third step encompasses the clearing of specific acupressure points known to be an issue with the need to smoke.

Weight Loss Program
This program starts with a weight loss consultation designed to address various issues related to weight gain (mentally, emotionally, physically and/or from a dietary standpoint), coupled then with the Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract to encourage natural, effective fat burning! Finally this program offers a clearing a specific acupressure points known to be an issue with weight gain.

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