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Conventional dieting can be an extremely unpleasant and frustrating experience. Cutting out most foods, if not all of one’s favourite foods, counting calories and controlling daily cravings can torment individuals and eventually limit their ability and willingness to maintain any weight loss program. The worst part is that it takes forever for individuals to start seeing results!

Introducing ...

A natural effective weight loss and weight maintenance therapy that combines dietary and nutritional counsel with systemic cleansing and incorporates the use of a natural supplement that regulates one's appetite and enhances fat metabolism that in combination is 90% more effective than just eating better & exercising more!

Dietary and Nutritional Counsel entails a full review of how the patient is currently eating with specific suggestions that limit carbohydrate consumption and favours the intake of lean protein, vegetables, salads ... supporting both healthy eating and the tenants of proper food combining. Patients are encouraged to continue eating this way even after they have lost the weight they needed to loose, as part of a healthier lifestyle that will ensure they don’t once again put the weight back on!

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